Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Say hello to our newest puppy!

Today we recieved a shoebox containing the sweetest little puppy. He's only 12 days old and have just opened his eyes, to a cruel world, as it seems. He was rejected by his mother (maybe for being smaller and weaker than his siblings?) and finally also bitten badly by her. And now he is part of the KAT assembly!

The little teddybear needs to be fed every two hours, so Simona got to take him home with her, to provide constant service and comfort. And to clean up the mess that is created by all small puppies =) We hope he'll recover fast. The most immidient problem seems to be what to feed him. What is the best, second after mother's milk? Milk powder for puppies will be hard to find here in Kathmandu, and also very expensive if there is any. Does anyone out there have any ideas or suggestions?
// Marie

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Farmers Market project

Every Saturday there's a Farmers Market at the 1905 Restaurant in Kathmandu, and just recently we decided that KAT naturally should also be a part of that. The main object is of course to promote the center; to be seen by people and to spread information of what the KAT center is and what we do. But that doesn't mean we can't have a lot of fun at the same time =) Viktoria came up with the brilliant idea to make dog biscuits and sell at the market, in addition to the KAT stuff (t-shirts, postcards etc) --> on friday evening we gathered to experiment a little in the kitchen. And the result was smashing, I must say! We made biscuits with meat/tuna and cookies with apple/honey, and even I liked them =)

This Saturday was our second appearance at the market, and we got in over 1500 rupees =) Not as much as the first time, but still, it's money that will come in handy. It was a great day, we meet a lot of interested people who stopped to chat and admired the dogs (this time we brought Fuchi). I hope we can make this into a permanent thing for KAT! And, the market is a really good place to roam around, taste yummy things and spend some money =)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome to the KAT Centre's blog!

Welcome to the new blog for volunteers at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT Centre)! KAT's volunteers will share success stories about the dogs and cats we rescue, give updates about KAT's programs to create a healthy, stable, rabies-free dog population, and tell what life is like at KAT. And we'll post lots of pictures!

You can find our more about the KAT Centre at www.katcentre.org.np. KAT welcomes visitors and volunteers; learn about volunteering at www.katcentre.org.np/volunteer.